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Church of St Mary & St Edburga, Stratton Audley Notices
meeting Stratton Audley Historical Society
'Winston Churchill's Toyshop' (talk by Gordon Rogers) - Tuesday 7th. March at 7.30pm.
£5 per person (incl. a glass of wine).
'The Water Gypsy' (talk by Julie Ann Godson) - Tuesday 4th. April
tidying litter Spring clean of churchyard
Saturday 25th. March
Coffee & cakes available to help
elephant Safari Supper
Saturday 25th. March, commencing at 7.00pm
baby Little Lambs Toddlers
Stratton Audley Church - Wednesdays 10.00am - 12.00 noon
£2.00 per session, £1 per additional sibling for pre-school children
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