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Minister's letter

Can we help? You bet!

grain storeThere are times when I feel really proud to be living in this Benefice. Your response to the needs of thepeople in Rumbek and Cueibet has been amazing, and I am delighted to report that we have now sent off two donations to help alleviate the food crisis that they have been experiencing.

On 25th August, we transferred £362 (447.80 USD), and on 7th September £450 (568.40 USD). This is fantastic, and results from considerable generosity on your part. Thank you so much.

Bishop Elija has emailed his thanks to us for our donation. After bank charges of 16.20 USD, they were left with 1000 USD, which enabled them to buy 26 bags of 50 kg. They distributed one bag between five families, so 130 families benefited. He doesn’t say what is in the bags, but I think it is Sorghum flour which can be used to make a thick porridge or flatbreads. (Or maybe it’s rice). Bishop Elija is going to send us the receipts, so maybe then all will become clear!

grain storeHe also sent us two photos. The first is a photograph of the bags in the Diocesan store. And the second shows the food being distributed, with soldiers having been brought in to keep order during the distribution.

I hope that we can make a third donation later in October. I continue to receive some donations from individuals, and already Stoke Lyne have given their harvest collection towards Cueibet and Rumbek’s food crisis, and I believe some other churches also plan to do this. We will also be holding a Bring and Buy / Soup Lunch on 21st October at Stratton Audley Church – do come and support it.

In a world with so much need, our action may be just a drop in the ocean, but to the people who have received some of the sorghum it has made a very significant difference.

Thank you for your kindness.