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Minister's letter

For many of us there are a number of books which have had a significant impact upon our lives, and one which I read many years ago was entitled ‘Discipleship’ written by David Watson a Church of England clergyman who sadly died of cancer in his early forties.

In his book he states: ‘Discipleship sums up Christ’s plan for the world’ The statement begs the question of what we mean by ‘discipleship’ To my mind to be a disciple is to ‘walk in the footsteps of Jesus’ to seek to live the kind of life that he lived and have the same values and attitudes that he had. It immediately becomes apparent that if were to live as he did with a heart of compassion and seeking the good of others over and above concerns for ourselves we would have a very different world. Sadly the pressures to conform to the ways and morals of our world mean we live in a self seeking and materialistic world, thankfully there are of course many noble exceptions to that lifestyle.

Jesus was able to live as he did and not conform to the world’s ways because he had absolute security in who he was. His relationship with His father was foundational, he knew himself to be loved and walking in God’s purposes. As a result I think it would be true to say that Jesus’ life and his teaching have had more of an influence on the history of our world than any other individual. Those that have followed in His footsteps have also had a profound impact for good, for example William Wilberforce.

feet in heartIf we are to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do our bit to bring about God’s purposes and see his ‘Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’ then we too will do well to develop our relationship with the Father. There are many ways in which we can do this and our recent questionnaire about discipleship groups with ideas of how we might grow in our faith may well have encouraged you to take seriously the thought of building your relationship with God. In common with any relationship it takes time and as we begin this Lenten season maybe that is just the spur we need to give some serious thought to follow the example of Jesus who sought to spend time with His Father.

I do hope you will want to join with us on this journey

Every Blessing

Bill Muncey, Associate Minister