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Welcome to the church of St Peter, Stoke Lyne

collageThe church of St Peter, Stoke Lyne is a member of the Shelswell group of parishes.

The name of Stoke Lyne is derived from an Old English word 'stoc' meaning cattle farm, and Lyne was added in the 15th century after the Lyne family who were then lords of the manor. Throughout the centuries, the village has changed in size and site.

The church of St Peter is to be found in the centre of the village and is of original Norman design with various additions, including the tower, which was added in the 14th century. After becoming dilapidated throughout the centuries, the church was restored during the last century.


A full history of the village may be found here

Church Services in Stoke Lyne
7th. October 14th. October 21st. October 28th. October 4th. November 11th. November
Food for Thought
St Francis Day
Holy Communion

Food for Thought
Remembrance Service

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