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Welcome to the church of St Michael & All Angels, Newton Purcell


The Church of St Michael & All Angels, Newton Purcell is a member of the Shelswell group of parishes.

The village lies on the eastern boundary of the Shelswell benefice, on the road between Finmere and Newton Morrell, which follows the line of the old Roman Way. The name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "ton", meaning a settlement, hence "new ton" is a new settlement.
Purcell was the name of a family who were 'lords of the manor' in the village during the middle ages

church The church of St Michael & All Angels is to be found close to the old roman road and in the in the western section of the village.
The church was originally a wooden building which had been the church of the english settlers in the 12th. century. However the church that you see today was built in the 19th. century

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Church Services in Newton Purcell
7th. October 14th. October 21st. October 28th. October 4th. November 11th. November

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